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Equestrian Center at Brasada


Stand outside of the barns of the Brasada Ranch Equestrian Center, just outside Bend, Oregon, and look up. The high desert sky seems to stretch overhead forever, sweeping and crystal clear in all directions over an ocean of green-grey sage. A light breeze carries the scent of sage and hay. The only sound is the soft stomping of horse hooves in dirt and the jangle of the spurs worn on the cowboy boots of Chris Buller and the wranglers of Brasada Trails.

Finest West of the Mississippi

The Brasada Ranch Equestrian Center and Resort is home to some of Bend Oregon's best horseback riding. Our trusty troop of Mustangs, Draft-Cross and Western Pleasure horses come complete with instruction for all ages and abilities in indoor and outdoor arenas as well as trail riding experiences over 900 acres within the resort and thousands more on adjoining lands. Customize your trail ride, take a private lesson, or attend an equestrian event. The choice is yours.

Brasada Trails

No matter your experience or desires, Brasada Ranch provides a customized Oregon horseback riding experience just for you. The Brasada Trails team and Chris Buller care for over 50 horses. These are fine and true horses, healthy, strong and ready to treat you to the ride of your life.

Private Practice

Practice in our incredible equestrian resort arenas, attend group clinics, arrange private lessons, watch a world-class event, take a ride with your whole family, or simply saddle up and head out solo on these incredible Bend Oregon trails - some of the most beautiful the American West has to offer.


Home to some of the finest equestrian events in Centreal Oregon, the two-acre Brasada Ranch Equestrian Center partners with the Rim Rock Riders, who feature amazing events throughout the year.

Cowboy Cookouts

During the summer, children are invited to learn how to walk, talk, play and even eat like a cowboy or cowgirl from the pros.