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Riding Lessons


Brasada Trails offers a full range of instruction for riders of all ages and abilities. Our lessons can be customized for the rider, and will encompasses everything you need to know about caring for and riding a horse, including grooming, saddling, mounting and riding and even how to choose your own horse to buy. Our facilities include heated tack rooms, fine four-stall barns and plenty of Bend Oregon trails and plains to challenge all abilities.

Beginners learn to handle a horse in one of our immaculate round pens, practicing mounting and control until they are completely comfortable. At the intermediate level, our wranglers help riders steadily improve skills, testing and increasing ability as they go. For our most experienced riders, we offer private reigning lessons on high quality performance horses. No matter your skill or interest, our wranglers can create a custom training session or entire program just for you.

Lesson Rates

Lessons may be arranged for private and/or group instruction for $95 per rider per hour.
For our younger guests, Pony Rides may be arranged for $20 per 15 minutes.

Reservations and Questions

Please call Brasada Adventures at 541.526.6870.