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Hiring FAQs

Do you do any type of pre-employment screening?

Yes. All potential team members are required to undergo a full criminal background/drug screening. All job offers are contingent on passing the background/drug screening. Any violations will be reviewed for job relatedness. Positions that require the use of company or personal vehicles will also undergo a Motor Vehicle Record check. Drivers must have a valid US Driver's License and fewer than 2 minor violations and/or 1 major violation within the past five years.

What am I expected to wear to work?

Some positions provide indoor/outdoor uniforms; please discuss the expectations directly with your hiring manager. Additional expectations:

  • Arrive bathed, fresh shaven, and with fresh breath
  • Conservative jewelry and hair styles; no unusual colors permitted
  • Beards must be short and neatly trimmed
  • Facial piercings and visible tattoos are not permitted; one earring in each ear is permitted for females
  • Uniforms must be neat and clean; nametags are worn at all times.

Have any advice on how to land a job at Brasada Ranch?

  • Research our property. We want you to know why it’s such a great place & prove to us that you are passionate about being a part of it.
  • Select a job to apply for. We appreciate your willingness to take "any available job", but we would prefer you select a job that you would truly like to have.
  • Guest Service! Our main focus is providing guests with a personalized experience that exceeds their expectations. That’s where you come into play. Emphasize your guest service experience in your application and demonstrate it to us throughout your interview process.
  • Attention to detail. It’s everyone’s job to ensure that things are in their place at The Ranch. This comes down to detail. Show us your attention to detail by taking the time to fill out your application accurately and completely.
  • Teamwork. We value team members who go out of their way to help co-workers and other departments. If a team spirit is one of your strengths, you’re on the right track.
  • Send a letter of interest to supplement your application. This is your chance to differentiate yourself from all the other applicants. Make sure to tell us why you want to work here!

Current Opportunities

Now that you've read our FAQs, you are ready to apply for a job at Brasada Ranch. Please click here to review our current job openings.

Apply Now

To be considered please click here to download, complete, scan and send your application to to careers@nvoregonresorts.com.

If you do not have access to a scanner, simply email your resume in a PDF or MS Word document format. Please list the job position and Brasada Ranch in the subject line of your email. We would prefer that applicants do not call to inquire about the position.

Thank you for your interest in a career with Brasada Ranch.

Questions? Please email careers@nvoregonresorts.com