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Team Building by Jack


“Providing an environment where participants can learn more about each other, improve communication and work better as a team requires an incredibly high standard of innovation and creativity, which has led to some pretty outrageous fun! My mind immediately goes to the 6,000 square foot maze that we built and facilitated for a particular client. I’m reminded of the group of managers that voluntarily swam, in their street clothes, to the bottom of one of our pools to unlock a steel cage that held their prizes. Needless to say, the diversity of our recreation and team building programs is where our true strength lies, and that diversity comes from our passion to not only think outside the box, but to throw the box away entirely.” – Jack Newkirk

Brasada CREW
collaborative recreation events & workshops

Corporate off-sites are one of the best ways to bring teams closer together. Over the past twenty years, participation in corporate team building activities has grown exponentially, with groups signing up for everything from trust falls to zipline tours. As these specialized group activities become more and more popular, one of the pits into which meeting planners frequently fall is the "one-size-fits-all" approach to team building.

Here at the Ranch, our basic philosophy for team building activities can be summed up in one central principle: that every activity should be as unique as the folks participating in it. This is why we created Brasada CREW. We take the time get to know your group and your specific, individual needs. Together, we craft memorable, meaningful experiences that advance your team to the next level, both interpersonally and professionally. Successful events encompass a balance of cooperation, problem solving, playfulness, mental and physical challenge, and laughter.

With Brasada CREW there are no tedious, embarrassing seminars that participants dread and managers regret. Under the direction of Jack Newkirk, the creative mind behind Brasada Adventures, we shatter the status quo and create meaningful experiences that are not only fun but also transformative. We host just one group at a time so we can truly focus our efforts on the quality of each program, providing exactly what your CREW needs.

6,000 Square Foot Mazes & More

The following are just a few of our most popular ideas, though as you’ve seen above, we are passionate about thinking well outside The Barn and coming up with new, innovated programs for each client. Please connect with us to discuss your goals and vision and allow us the opportunity to bring them to life.

S'mores and Stars
Grab a beverage and join our resident astronomers as we explore the crystal clear skies over Brasada Ranch.

Our night sky is one of the darkest in the United States and provides us with unparalleled views of the moon, the planets and the Milky Way galaxy.

We can provide your group with a personalized astronomy tour of the beautiful night skies at Brasada Ranch using two high-powered telescopes staffed by our team of astronomers. Our staff will share fascinating scientific knowledge as well as stories from Greek and Native American mythologies related to the various constellations and planets. And of course, since it may be chilly outside we'll get the campfires going and provide your team with Brasada Ranch’s signature home-made s'mores. Truly an unforgettable, unique experience.

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Falcons, Finches and Flickers
Located on the Pacific Migratory Flyway, Central Oregon proudly showcases hundreds of species of waterfowl, game birds, neotropicals and majestic birds of prey.

Jack Newkirk, our resident bird expert, is a treasure trove of information about our native avian species and his enthusiasm and knowledge of all things ornithological are sure to captivate your entire family. Bring sturdy walking shoes, water and binoculars and enjoy the birds of Brasada. Duration: 60-90 minutes.

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Volcanoes, History and the High Desert Naturalist Adventures
Join Jack Newkirk on a scenic hike through the stunning high desert.

Brasada Ranch is nestled against the flanks of an ancient basaltic outcropping. Every inch of the landscape holds a story just waiting to be told. Jack's passion is sharing all the fascinating and fun details about the plants, animals and people who have made this rugged landscape their home over the centuries. Duration: 90-120 minutes.

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Team Sports and Facilitated Lawn Games

Let your inner child out as we bring back the old classics. An afternoon of old favorites, including Stickball, Dodgeball and Kick the Can are sure to lighten your group's mood and get everyone into the team spirit.

Problem-solving Workshops

Our crew of recreation experts excels at creating and facilitating highly-customized, fun activities that can help your team grow to perform at a higher level, work more efficiently and communicate more effectively.

Team Challenge Course
The Brasada Ranch Team Challenge Course is an infinitely-customizable program that was specifically designed to encourage teamwork, enhance participants' interpersonal communication skills and develop creative problem-solving strategies in a fun, adventurous environment.

The Course is administered based on the guiding principles of "Challenge By Choice," in which participants are never required to take part in any activities that are beyond their skill sets or ability levels. Notwithstanding, the Course is quite challenging and has been highly successful in encouraging individuals to step outside their comfort zones and experience inter- and intrapersonal growth. Best of all, the level of challenge can be tailored specifically to the goals/needs of the group to create a holistic team building experience that is both audience-appropriate and massively entertaining.

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Jack Newkirk, Brasada CREW Captain

Jack came to Brasada Ranch in 2011 with a single goal in mind: to create the finest recreation program in Central Oregon. A lifelong outdoor professional, Jack brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated from years of managing adventure programs from the rainforests of Australia to the desert of Central Oregon.

Jack utilizes his extensive field experience along with his diverse scientific and academic background to bring a profound degree of creativity to Brasada Ranch, offering everything from guided bird walks to astronomy presentations to helicopter flying lessons. Additionally, Jack has constructed a robust group recreation menu that incorporates the unique natural and cultural history of the high desert with the many adventure opportunities available on the Ranch.