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Spa Brasada


Spa Brasada is the ultimate spa experience, contributing to complete wellness, inside and out. Steeped in the natural healing powers of plants, flowers, the outdoors and holistic nurturing, Spa Brasada will leave you completely renewed.

From the moment you arrive, leave all your cares behind. We attend to every detail in advance, so that your plush robe, perfectly-sized slippers, choice of music and favorite scent are ready and waiting for you the moment you pass through our doors. Your experience will be as customized as it is unforgettable.

Spa Services & Amenities

One of the newest spas in Bend Oregon, Spa Brasada features:

  • Full range of body and beauty treatments
  • Natural, locally sourced products to pamper and refresh your body and soul
  • Cozy and luxurious relaxation room, with fireplace
  • Men's and Women's lounges with lockers, steam rooms, fresh locally made snacks, and our unique tea blend, crafted by local tea crafter Metolius Tea just for our Bend Oregon Spa Resort, and you.

Spa Brasada is currently open seven days a week from 10:00am-4:00pm.