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Spa Brasada Signature Massage

Our signature Bend Oregon massage uses a combination of therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques paired with our custom sage and lavender aroma to calm the nervous system and create a sense of renewal and energy.
(60 or 90 minutes) $125/$175

Aromatherapy Fusion Massage

Our newest massage combines the powerful effects of essential oils with the therapeutic effects of warm stones and hot towels. This treatment supports overall heath and well-being, and promotes inner calm and peace.
(60 or 90 minutes) $130/$180

Golfer's Delight

The ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating experience for those who like to play hard. This therapy combines deep, intensive massage with steaming hot towels steeped in warming herbs and essences such as Basil, Rosemary and Bay Laurel. The anti-inflammatory Arnica Gel applied in this powerful therapeutic treatment unravels tension held deep in spinal muscles.
(60 minutes) $130

Spirit Rock Stone Therapy

Bring your body, energy and soul back into balance. This deeply relaxing and powerful massage uses warm stones straight from the natural volcanic soils of Central Oregon to soothe your muscles and free your mind.
(90 minutes) $180

Deep Tissue

This intense, therapeutic massage uses a variety of effective techniques to work deep into muscle fibers, helping to unwind stress and release chronic patterns of muscle tension. Leave feeling loosened and refreshed.
(60 or 90 minutes) $130/$180


Pregnancy is a time of vibrancy and health, but also comes with aches, pains and unbalance. Our gentle massage techniques ease discomfort and help you relax, good for you and your baby!
(60 minutes) $125

Head-to-Toe Indulgence

A wonderful full body experience including application of blended oils of evergreens and bright notes of red mandarin and bergamot, paired with your choice of a revitalizing Peppermint Foot Treatment or energizing Wild Lime Scalp Treatment.
(60 minutes) $130. Add a 30 minute massage $55.