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The extraordinary culinary experiences of The Ranch are lead by our Executive Chef and Culinary Team, who are ready to custom design your wedding catering menus on your very special day.

Our Culinary Team works with dozens of local purveyors, farmers and foragers to bring the freshest possible ingredients to The Ranch and our guest’s meals. While the views of Brasada Ranch are legendary, we can promise your guests will talk about the food long after they have left.

Inspired Menus

Click here to view our banquet menus.

The menus above provide quite a bit of insight into our Culinary Team’s passions and preferred tastes, though they are not meant to limit your vision by any means.

Inspired Venues

Just as our menus may be custom designed, we have limitless dining venues to for your wedding to accommodate intimate, smaller parties to groups of over 200. We have a variety of venues around The Ranch of over 1,800 acres to discuss with you.

Our Culinary Philosophy

Our Culinary Team believes in using locally-sourced food for so many good reasons, including the fact that buying locally means acquiring better tasting foods unique to our local microclimate that have to travel a shorter distance before they arrive on your plate, ensuring freshness and a lessened impact on the Earth.

We partner with local farms that raise their animals in a healthy, humane and natural manner, and grow their crops organically and sustainably. To learn more about our local farmers, foragers and purveyors, click here.