Team Building at The Ranch

Corporate retreats are one of the best ways to bring teams closer together. Here at the Ranch, our philosophy is simple: every activity should be as unique as those participating in it. We take the time get to know your group and your specific, individual needs. Together, we craft memorable, meaningful corporate retreats in Bend, Oregon that advance your team to the next level, both interpersonally and professionally.

BRASADA CREWCollaborative Recreation Events & Workshops

Successful events encompass a balance of cooperation, problem solving, playfulness, mental and physical challenge and laughter.

S'mores & Stars

Grab a beverage and join our resident astronomers as we explore the crystal clear skies over Brasada Ranch.

Falcons, Finches and Flickers

Located on the Pacific Migratory Flyway, Central Oregon proudly showcases hundreds of species of waterfowl, game birds, neotropicals and majestic birds of prey.

High Desert Naturalist Adventures

Join us on a scenic hike through the high desert. Brasada Ranch is nestled against the flanks of an ancient basaltic outcropping. Every inch of the landscape holds a story just waiting to be told. Let us share all the fascinating and fun details about the plants, animals and people who have made this rugged landscape their home.

Team Sports & Lawn Games

Let your inner child out as we bring back the old classics. An afternoon of old favorites, including Stickball, Dodgeball and Kick the Can are sure to lighten your group's mood.

Problem Solving Workshops

Our crew of recreation experts excels at creating and facilitating highly-customized, fun activities that can help your team grow to perform at a higher level.

Team Challenge Course

The Brasada Ranch Team Challenge Course is an infinitely-customizable program that was specifically designed to encourage teamwork, enhance participants' interpersonal communication skills and develop creative problem-solving strategies in a fun, adventurous environment.